Oil & Gas

Houston's leading industry has become more competitive due to global pressures to reduce costs and shorten lead times. With this ever changing environment Poindexter Precision Machining is committed to manufacturing the highest quality parts and providing our customers with realistic timelines. Our CAD/CAM software is capable of importing most industry standard drawings reducing the lead time between the draft table and machine table.  


The Semiconductor Industry is known for its tight tolerances and need for "hospital" clean products. With our Computer Aided Manufacturing software and CNC mill and turning machines we are equipped to maintain the quality necessary for these complex parts. Upon request parts can be dipped in our Temperature Controlled Clean tank to ensure that all dust and residue has been removed prior to shipment. Services include design, manufacture, and repair of many semiconductor parts including Heater Blocks used for the manufacturing of silicon wafers.  Poindexter Precision Machinining is a SEMI Member.  


With one of the world's most prominent medical centers Houston's Medical Industry continues to grow and rely on suppliers that can provide unmatched quality and service. The industry is on the leading edge of State of the Art equipment and at PPMach we understand that the components that we provide must meet the highest of standards. In addition to manufacturing to the tightest tolerances, we are capable of providing a clean room environment to reduce environmental contamination.