Whether you are looking for a vendor to manufacture your existing components, or someone to help you design a new prototype, PPMach has the milling capabilities to handle most any situation.  With precision CNC milling equipment, we can manufacture to the most stringent tolerances.  Our capabilities run up to 64" X 32" travel.​ In addition to our CNC mills we also have a fleet of manual mills for when those special needs arise.   


For those turning jobs that need quick turn around and high repeatability we utilize our Multi-Axis CNC Mill-Turning Center.  With capabilities up to 8"OD and a Live Tool turret we can operate with the highest level of efficiency.  

Computer-Aided Design

Whether you have a designated design team that can send PPMach your CAD files, or you're just looking for someone to help design your prototype, we're here to help.  With our industry leading CAD software we are able to quickly turn your ideas into 3D models.